FTC Meet 3: RPA

SUMMIT HIGH SCHOOL ROBOTICS FTC teams were ranked #1 & #2 at our last meet!  

This week we will need help loading up the field & robots after school, and leaving for Redmond at 1:30 PM.   Students will need transportation, and should arrive in Redmond between 3 & 4 PM.  I will have room for a few students to ride with me.  

I am planning to bring food for the students, probably sandwiches or pizza, (including GF & vegan options) and snacks.  

Hello Central Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge League - Great job keeping us on schedule at Meet #2.  

Wednesday December 13 is Meet #3

Redmond Proficiency Academy

Middle School
150 SW 25th

Redmond, Oregon

There will not be food at the event, but you can bring your own.  Please keep food & drinks in the designated area, OUTSIDE of the pits.  

  • Coaches - Don't forget to bring an up to date Roster and signed consent & release forms.  
  • Robot Inspections - should only be 2-3 students.  Not the entire team
  • Drive team is only (3) students - the rest of the team can watch as spectators. 
  • Please make sure your team members & parents know that safety glasses are required by FIRST in the PIT and competition areas.  

We need to play (6) matches for each team, so it is very important that teams arrive 3-3:30 PM and come ready for inspections.  Please have your teams fill out the inspection form in advance to make sure they are prepared.  

To make sure that we get through inspections we have assigned robot inspection times.  Teams can go through Field inspection before they go through Robot inspection.  

2:00 PM  - start setting up

3:00 PM - Doors open for teams

3:45 PM Field open for inspections

Hardware Inspection Times:

3:45 PM -5627 Robotics Quasar Alliance (RPA)
3:45 PM - 6727 Redmond Proficiency Academy  
3:50 PM -13756 Robodogs (Culver HS)
3:50 PM - 6833 Event Horizon (Summit HS)
3:55 PM - 8151 Tempest (Summit HS)

4:00 PM - 10819 Mechanical Eagles (PCMS)

4:00 PM - 11847 Cascade Carbon Cyborgs (CMS)

4:05PM -  13650 Robo-Giants (PBMS)

4:05 PM -  8243 Giantbots (PBMS) 

4:10 PM - 8111 Nanogiants (PBMS)

4:10 PM - 13843 Trinity Lutheran

4:15 PM - 13438 RobOTTERS (Three Rivers).   

4:15 PM - 13573 RoboRaptors (LaPine HS

4:45 PM volunteer dinner break

5:15 PM opening Ceremonies / Drivers meeting

5:30 PM Matches begin

8:00 PM La Pine, Three Rivers, And Middle School teams load up, RPA, Culver and Summit teams Clean up

8:30 PM Clean up completed

Get your engineering notebooks ready for judging : 

Saturday January 13 - League Qualification Tournament, Summit High School

8 AM - 6 PM

Charlotte Van Valkenburg
CO FTC League Manager
Summit High School Robotics


FTC Meet 1: Culver High School


Central Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge  League Meet #1 is tomorrow.  

Students need to be Registered with FIRST Tech Challenge or have a signed paper Consent and Release Form at Check-in

Wednesday November 15

Culver Middle School

218 West F St.

Culver, Oregon

3:00 - 4:00 PM Doors Open/ Teams arrive

4:00 - 5:00 PM Robot & Field Inspections

5:15 PM Drive Team Meeting & match schedule handed out

5:30 PM Matches begin

Each team will play 5 matches which will take about 2 hours

7:30 PM clean up

8:00 PM buses leave

We will have Domino's Pizza, fresh veggies, apples, and water for the students to eat. 

We are sharing a bus with Cascade Middle School and will be departing Summit HS (in the back/ West side of the school at 3:15 PM)  

We will be packing our robot equipment 1 - 3 PM, or students can do homework.  


Students must be signed up for Robotics Club at Family ID (Link at https://summitrobotics.com/resources/)



Bring and wear Safety Glasses over your eyes in the PIT and at the Field. 


  • Read Game Manual 2 - The points count and so do the penalties in League Meet One. 
  • Read the Game Forum and ask questions relevant to your team - print it and bring it to show a referee  
  • LABEL EVERYTHING with your team number so that it can be returned to your team when you forget it. Specifically batteries, phone chargers, phone charger cables, tool boxes, safety glasses. 
  • Write what happens during your meetings and at the meets in your Engineering Notebook. 

Other items for League Play  

  • Adult Coaches/Mentors cannot stand with their team's  Drive team in the Queuing Line, at the Queuing Table or at the Field.  Mentors and other team members must sit/stand in the audience.  Keeping the playing fields clear of extraneous people was a problem at League Meet Zero at some locations. 
  • Holding phones during Autonomous is not allowed  - At some locations we did not have a stand for the phones/controllers. We are correcting that. .
  • Offer to help set-up or clean up at your league meet. It is much appreciated

HOT LINKS to make life easier!  


Summit Robotics General Update


We have raised $12,000 towards our goal of $20,000 by December 1st, when we need to pay the FIRST Robotics Competition fees/ kit of parts of $11,000. 

Thank you to everyone who helped with Pie Sales! 21 students raised a total of $2300.  

(10) students have found sponsors and we have $6200 in sponsorships.  

Please keep collecting $.10 returnable cans - we have raised $800 

Only (12) students have met their fundraising goals, so the others may need some help from parents.  Please let us know if you have ideas for business sponsorship requests.  We will be sending 3 - 4 students with an adult to ask businesses during robotics. Let us know if you can schedule a time to take a small group to a business.  

Parents let me know if you want to help run a fundraiser.  

If you haven't brought in snacks to share, we could use some more.  

We want to make sure students focus on school - on Tuesdays 3 - 4 PM Robotics study hall in the library.  

Juniors & Seniors visit the Future Center to get help with planning for college - there are $50 MILLION in FIRST Robotics scholarships.  https://www.firstinspires.org/scholarships

Let me know if you have questions.


November 14 - BLSD board meeting presentation (5:15 - 5:30 PM)

November 15 - Culver FTC meet (may need drivers.  leave Summit 2 - 3 PM, return about 9 PM.  We could have some cars come up arrive at 5 PM). Could a parent help with planning/ picking up an easy dinner for about 40?

November  29 - Pilot Butte Middle School FTC meet (3 - 8 PM) Could a parent help with planning/ picking up an easy dinner for about 40?

December 10 - FIRST Lego League Competition (volunteer @ Mtn. View HS)

December 13 - Redmond Proficiency Academy (3 - 8 PM) Could a parent help with planning/ picking up an easy dinner for about 40?

January 6th FIRST Robotics Competition - 2018 Kickoff 6 AM - 4 PM We will be hosting 2 other teams for the Livestream Kickoff event at 6:30 AM and will serve breakfast for approximately 100 at Summit HS. We will also need to plan a lunch for our team (approx. 40) 

January 13 - Summit HS - FTC Tournament (Saturday 7 AM - 6 PM) We will need some parent help with selling concessions and a planning a lunch for about 60 (volunteers & Summit students)

March 1 - 3  PNW District FIRST Robotics Competition

Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science
1306 12th Street
Oregon City

Clackamas Inn & Suites
16010 SE 82nd Dr. 
Clackamas, OR

(reserved 13 rooms for our group #262)
Need to confirm by February 26th
we will need drivers to carpool
there are more King rooms available for $99
Cost will be $50 per person, includes breakfast
There is a meeting room available for us to eat breakfast & dinner
We could use parent help planning/ purchasing/ preparing meals

March 15 - 17  PNW District FIRST Robotics Competition


1301 S Fair Ave

Yakima, WA 98901


Red Lion Hotel

607 E Yakima Ave, 

Yakima, WA 98901

Tel: (509) 248-5900

Reserving at least 12 rooms (4 students or 2 adults per room) 
2 Queen beds for $94
(approx. $50 per person)
we will need drivers to carpool
We could use parent help planning/ purchasing/ preparing meals


Thank you for supporting Summit HS Robotics!

Charlotte Van Valkenburg - head coach


Janette Haines, coach

Duane Stevens, coach

Eric Harvey, coach

Scot Brees, mentor

Doug Watson, mentor

Kyle Ferrell, mentor

Cullen Dallas, mentor

Mike Walker, mentor

Summit Robotics Fall Schedule

RELIC RECOVERY KICK-OFF!  Saturday, September 9, 2017

Summit High School    
2855 NW Clearwater Dr, Bend, OR 97703

DOORS OPEN AT 8:30 AM / Game Animation at 9:00 am  
We will have coffee & donuts 
FTC Blocks Programming Workshop 10 AM - 3 PM, bring your lunch.  

Parent, mentor & coaches networking discussion on Fundraising & Team Building

Summit Robotics first meeting will be Monday September 11th 3 - 5 PM.  Parent meeting 4:30 - 5:00 PM, in the commons. 

Beginning Monday September 18th Summit Robotics will meet every Monday & Wednesday throughout the school year, and 5 days a week January - April.     

Charlotte Van Valkenburg
CO FTC League Manager
Summit High School Robotics, head Coach
FTC 6833 & 8151