FTC Meet 1: Culver High School


Central Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge  League Meet #1 is tomorrow.  

Students need to be Registered with FIRST Tech Challenge or have a signed paper Consent and Release Form at Check-in

Wednesday November 15

Culver Middle School

218 West F St.

Culver, Oregon

3:00 - 4:00 PM Doors Open/ Teams arrive

4:00 - 5:00 PM Robot & Field Inspections

5:15 PM Drive Team Meeting & match schedule handed out

5:30 PM Matches begin

Each team will play 5 matches which will take about 2 hours

7:30 PM clean up

8:00 PM buses leave

We will have Domino's Pizza, fresh veggies, apples, and water for the students to eat. 

We are sharing a bus with Cascade Middle School and will be departing Summit HS (in the back/ West side of the school at 3:15 PM)  

We will be packing our robot equipment 1 - 3 PM, or students can do homework.  


Students must be signed up for Robotics Club at Family ID (Link at https://summitrobotics.com/resources/)



Bring and wear Safety Glasses over your eyes in the PIT and at the Field. 


  • Read Game Manual 2 - The points count and so do the penalties in League Meet One. 
  • Read the Game Forum and ask questions relevant to your team - print it and bring it to show a referee  
  • LABEL EVERYTHING with your team number so that it can be returned to your team when you forget it. Specifically batteries, phone chargers, phone charger cables, tool boxes, safety glasses. 
  • Write what happens during your meetings and at the meets in your Engineering Notebook. 

Other items for League Play  

  • Adult Coaches/Mentors cannot stand with their team's  Drive team in the Queuing Line, at the Queuing Table or at the Field.  Mentors and other team members must sit/stand in the audience.  Keeping the playing fields clear of extraneous people was a problem at League Meet Zero at some locations. 
  • Holding phones during Autonomous is not allowed  - At some locations we did not have a stand for the phones/controllers. We are correcting that. .
  • Offer to help set-up or clean up at your league meet. It is much appreciated

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